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Importer and Manufacturers of Glass Ampoules & Vials

Quality is our Responsibility

      Customer Satisfaction is our Motto...

MultiGlass is a company manufacturing amber and flint glass tubing ampoules and vials. It was proudly established in the year 2003. The owners of the company are engaged in pharmaceutical business for the last 40 years.

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Our Services!

  • Quality Control

  • We are quality conscious and committed to make quality ampoules and vials in many capacities. Since these ampoules and vials are used to carry high standard life saving medicines, all efforts are made to ensure consistent and reliable quality. Therefore the ampoules and vials manufactures are free from complaints like physical, visuals and dimensional etc...

  • Responsibilities

  • Protection of medicine is the purpose of ampoules and vials and we understand this responsibility and always strive to fulfill it. Each and every ampoule and vial undergoes through checking in three stages before it is packed.

  • Safety

  • After the printing procedure, ampoules and vials are packed in corrupted cartons to ensure their safety.

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction is the last boundary and the ultimate quality standard tht we, at MultiGlass, want to achieve. To achieve this goal, our experienced and highly trained staff do its utmost efforts and leave no stone unturned.




Capacity: 1 ml to 20 ml
Colour: Clear (Flint) and Amber
Type: USP Type One
  • Open Top
  • Closed Funnel Cut
  • Printed
  • break ring


Capacity: 1 ml to 30 ml
Colour: Clear (Flint)
Type: USP Type One
Varieties: Plain and Printed